Why Coastal MD?

Why Coastal MD?


It’s all about the culture…

Our providers and staff at Coastal MD are dedicated to making our patients feel and live their best. We strive to deliver individualized care and treat the body and mind as a whole. Our motivation and passion for medicine are truly based on our four core values; the quality of care we provide, integration within our communities, support for all, and respect for our patients as well as our team. All of which form the basis of our culture here at Coastal MD. 


We have brought many aspects of medicine under one roof. Our providers are trained in trigger point injections, weight loss programs, male hormone replacement therapy, IV hydration, and peptide therapy. We have several providers who are also certified nutritional coaches, who can provide educational advice to make healthier choices along with assisting in achieving personal goals. Our massage therapists are all MEDICALLY LICENSED massage therapists who have been trained in many different types of massage modalities that best manipulate musculature to provide maximum pain relief. The best part about what was mentioned above is that WE ACCEPT INSURANCE. What is not covered by insurance but equally as valuable and exciting is our aesthetic team who are truly artists and are able to help a patient achieve the look they want- whether it be with Botox, Fillers, Microneedling, or just a basic skin care regimen. 


My favorite part about my job?


As humans, we are all guilty of making a million excuses for the things we “can’t do” or “don’t have time to do”. Coastal MD is here to eliminate those excuses and motivate our patients to “DO”. This may be AS SIMPLE AS stretching to make a patient’s pain relief last longer. It can also be a little more complex such as trigger point injections for knee or lower back pain to walk that extra mile in their weight loss journey. TPI, short for trigger point injections, for shoulders can allow our patients to pitch the extra inning at their softball game. TPI for migraines can allow our patients to function throughout the day and not have to be on daily NSAIDs or prescription medication. Our weight loss programs can allow patients to lose 20lbs so that they feel better in their own skin. These programs can also allow patients to lose 40lbs and eliminate chronic conditions such as elevated cholesterol or high blood pressure. IV hydration will allow patients to work the extra few hours to complete a project or work their extra shift without feeling dizzy or rundown. These are only a FEW examples- the list goes on and that’s because our providers and staff recognize that every individual has different goals, different dreams, and walks their own path. The best part about working at Coastal MD is being part of that individualized journey. 


There is one catch to the whole process… All that we offer here at Coastal MD is  to help make a “better you.” However, YOU need to take the initiative to WANT this and take the TIME to INVEST IN yourself so we are best able to help you. After all, we are all deserving of this.  Let one of your greatest qualities be the desire to better yourself and know that Coastal MD will be there to help you along the way.  


Written by:

Nicole Polimeni PA-C

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